HOITSUPAATTI aka NURSE CRUISE . An amazing competition in the Old Town of Tallinn. Get your best team together, and make sure you don’t miss this!

OVERALL PATCH SEWING EVENINGS– are your overalls still unnecessarily empty and clean? Do you find a pile of unstitched patches from home? Does our mouth feel dry out, and or you miss a social interaction? Whatever the reason, TXO Ry organizes numerous overall sewing evenings during the year. You can always get more patches and new friends at the event!

THE WOMEN’S DAY SITZ –To celebrate Women’s Day, TXO Ry arranges sittning – an academic sit down! Fine evening includes good food, drink and, of course, traditional sitz chants.

TXO Ry’S ANNUAL GALA – Our association was founded 1942, and every two years TXO wants to celebrate the past. Together with TXO’s members and collaborators. The evening includes speeches, delicious food and drink, and a wonderful festive atmosphere.

THE BLOOD BATTLE – The Blood Battle organized TXO Ry and the Finnish Red Cross, is a blood donation competition between student associations. Collect points for your student association, or your BloodGroup, and mention them when donating. Points are also obtained from the donation of platelets and stem cells. All participants will also receive a patch for teir overalls! Read more about the contest

THE PINK RIBBON CAMPAIGN – The Pink Ribbon Campaign is underway in October, and TXO Ry is also involved in collecting donations for the treatment and research of women’s cancers, as well as for support services for sufferers and their loved ones. Join us to do good